Agreement Stamp Paper Pakistan

No explanation on this scale was found by Superior Courts of Pakistan, but this principle was governed by HON`BLE JUDGE (S): MADELEY , J and reported in AIR 1943 OUDH 314, provided that “Stamp purchased more than six months ago – use of – validity. Section 54 does not prohibit the use of stamps purchased more than six months ago. Everything the P says. 54 is that after six months of purchasing the stamps, a person cannot get his money back if he has submitted them to the collector” and the same principle was applied by the Supreme Court of India in the case of `Thirngauveda Pillai vs Navaneethammal – Anr` Order of 19.2.2008 in writ Petition (Civil) 290 of 2001. decided, in paragraph 11 of the judgment, that the Indian Stamp Act 1899 does not impose an expiration date for the use of buffer paper. However, section 54 of the Act provides that a person can claim a refund of the value of the unutilized stamp paper by giving the same thing to the collector, provided it is acquired within six months. The purpose of this requirement is to prevent one of the parties from adding a false or modified page to it at a later date. It avoids fraud in the application of contracts. It is difficult for a party to change the content of an agreement once.

In the event of a change or correction, including a single word or letter, both parties must initialize at the place where they changed or corrected the word or letter and affix the company`s stamp. If the contract is signed between two people, then both parties must affix their initials and the thumbprint of each party`s thread. These parties continue to protect documents from falsification. This preventive measure will be very useful in the event of a dispute between the parties and a dispute. According to the fixed principle, the Court can check the thumbs entries and signatures of self [PLJ 2005 Lahore 1011] Sir we have an agreement on 20 rupees of stamp paper from the sale of our land in 2009.The perchazing party gives 50,000 thousand Bayana then they never return, contact us several times, but they do not give an answer for 7 to 8 years. Now, tell me Mr. Wat is about this deal. The Supreme Court of Hon`ble therefore held that Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act does not require anyone to use it within six months and that there is no barrier to paper stamp paper more than six months prior to use for the execution of a document/certificate. An approved signatory is an officer or representative who must delegate powers to the organization authorizing a binding agreement. He is also designated as a signing agent or Singing Authority, which has been delegated by the competent authority of the legal authority to fill the organizational positions they designate as agents of the organization for general or specific purposes. The signature of the authorized person essentially holds the agreement, which is called final execution. It should be noted that if a signatory writes the signing date at the time the agreement is signed, it is the execution date.

If he signs the contract without consent, both parties, with their mutual consent, enter the execution date in the contract, but the execution date is the one that followed the issuance of the stamp document. A simple error can cause conflict in the document. Stamp paper is used in every printed copy of the contract according to the value described in the Stamp Act 1889, the purpose of the Stamp Act is to protect government revenues and not interfere in business life by invalidating the instruments essential to the fluidity of trade and commerce. If a document has been executed without the required stamp paper, such a document cannot be included in the evidence. It is considered a lag in the document. But it is not because an instrument cannot be admitted as proof that such an instrument is not valid.

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