Applecare Agreement Administration Number

(c) Apple is not responsible for the cost of labor you incur in relation to erS or DIY. If you need additional support, please contact Apple at the phone number listed below. You can get service or technical support by calling Apple or accessing You must indicate the plan contract number or the serial number of the covered device. Upon request, you must also provide your plan confirmation and original proof of purchase of your covered device and plan. You can terminate this plan at any time for any reason. If you decide to terminate this plan, you can call Apple or send a written message with your contract number to AppleCare Administration, P.O. Box 149125, Austin, TX 78714-9125, USA (fax 916-405-3973) or send by fax. You must send a copy of the initial purchase note of the plan with your message. Unless otherwise provided by local law, cancellation refunds are granted as follows: (iii) The plan does not apply to a product with a serial number that has been altered, disfigured or withdrawn without the manufacturer`s written permission or modified to alter its functionality or capacity.

(g) Apple has security measures in place to protect your data from unauthorized access or disclosure and unlawful destruction. You are responsible for the instructions you give to Apple regarding data processing and Apple will endeavor to comply with those instructions to the extent reasonably necessary to fulfill service and support obligations under the plan. If you do not agree with the foregoing or if you have any questions about the processing of your data, please contact Apple at the phone numbers provided. Many of the phone numbers listed here only work if they are chosen from the associated countries or regions. If your country or region isn`t listed, you`ll find more information about your support options. The impact of consumer rights on this plan The benefits of this plan are in addition to all the rights and remedies provided for by consumer protection laws and regulations. THIS PLAN DOES NOT AFFECT THE RIGHTS CONFERRED BY APPLICABLE CONSUMER LAW, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO OBTAIN REMEDIES UNDER STATUTORY WARRANTY LAW AND TO SEEK DAMAGES IF APPLE FAILS TO FULFILL ANY OF ITS CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS. . . .

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