Bolsa De Madrid Market Data Agreement

c) Have you reached an agreement to (a) share the benefit of your business activities or (b) obtain compensation for your business activities? Information sourced exclusively from the Sociedad de Bolsas may be transmitted to third parties by suppliers who have entered into an official agreement with Sociedad de Bolsas, which must be in force. The SIBE platform was developed by the Madrid Stock Exchange. Access to this electronic trading platform is implemented through trading terminals provided by Sociedad de Bolsas (“SIBE Windows Terminal” TSW) or through external applications. The current exposure charge calculation should reflect, in addition to price changes in all product types, more complete market scenarios. The calculation is based on a monte carlo simulation that includes thousands of market scenarios and projects your portfolio`s exposure to sector price changes (e.g. B, equities and individual sectors such as oil, gas, meat, sugar, cocoa, metals, currencies and cryptocurrencies) and then apply this valuation to all other products on the basis of their respective sector correlation. In 2007, the introduction of the Financial Instruments Markets Directive (MIF) implied the introduction of a wave of profound changes in the design of the securities industry in Europe. Key developments include the creation of alternative trading centres, the resulting fragmentation of the European market and the definition of common rules of conduct and organisation for investment firms. The MIF and other legislation applicable to the European securities market are currently under review.

For personal data collected on the BME Group company`s websites, please see our Cookie Use Policy, which is available here. In addition, you have the right to request and receive, in electronic form, personal data transmitted to BME Group companies and transmitted to another organization. You can obtain your rights to access, rectification, deletion, processing limitation, data portability and opposition by requesting in writing the BME Group data protection representative at the address listed above or by email at the following email address: The exercise of these rights is free. a) Do you receive financial information (including information or price information on securities, commodities and other financial instruments) for your business or any other commercial enterprise? The BME Group guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data provided to it as part of a contractual or commercial relationship or for the use of its websites. The data is processed by applying all the measures provided by law to prevent processing, loss, unauthorized processing or access to the corresponding personal data, applying the exposure risks associated with it.

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