European Works Council Agreement Template

The latest relevant service for the EBR and SE Works Councils is ETUI`s new ( training portal, launched in December 2015, which provides access to training and training materials for workers` representatives and EBR and SE business committees. Each company is linked to at least one of the main sectors, while the ERC facilities and agreements are linked to one or more sub-sectors, as defined in the table below. As a result, the research function offers more sectors to ERC bodies and agreements. In 2004, agreement collection and data on multinational enterprises were integrated into a single database and supplemented by a selection of data that analyzes the content of the agreements provided by the SDA-Infopoint. The last published update was published in 2006 on CD Rome. In 2008, it was decided to integrate into the EBR ETUI database the analysis of the content of the EE agreements already concluded by the Agency for Social Development. Since then, the two organizations have collaborated on this joint project. It is a database designed to include and cover all existing EESs, related agreements and businesses created. The first step in the data process is the identification of agreements. Using different sources, the CoR receives information about a specific agreement on the ERC. After identification, access to the agreement must be ensured through different channels. If not all agreements and facilities are included in the database, a coverage error may occur.

After access, all agreements are processed internally. If necessary, a translation of the agreement is provided and all are defined in a common layout. In these phases, the treatment error is a risk. In a third step, the content of the agreements will be analyzed and coded in the dataset. This step requires a lot of human effort and can rule out measurement errors, as dataset codes may differ from actual value. After data entry, the dataset is subjected to a data clean-up and transformation to prepare the data for data analysis. Also at this point, some form of processing error can be added to the quality of the data. In the last step of analysis, it is important to choose the right analysis techniques if an additional type of error, analysis errors is not caused.

(2) analysis of the evolution of EECs, business committees and THE SE; The EWCdb is a relational database of the EBR and SE-WC agreements, EECs, EEs and multinationals managed by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

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