Smc Articulation Agreements

Make sure you meet the transfer requirements for your major. Visit to find the full list of the main preparation and listing courses in your college. The UCI articulation agreements on the ASSIST include news and updates from the majors and admission requirements for the fall of 2020. If your school is not listed below, please read our list of general educational requirements to determine if a course is being submitted. To view the chords, just select the links below. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader for free to read the following files. We have transfer contracts with the following schools: Pepperdine University has agreements with the following community universities to accept certain general education courses at Seaver College. Only the agreements on this page are valid. These agreements are information tools for students from the following schools who wish to travel to Seaver and may not apply to students currently attending Seaver College. (For example, current students must complete mind and religion sequences in their residence.) Therefore, current students should contact our office or OneStop for information on the transfer and stay conditions that apply to them. Santa Monica College`s articulation agreements with California State University and the University of California can be accessed on the inter-institutional joint transfer site. Assist is a computerized student information system that can be accessed via the World Wide Web. It provides reports on how course credits obtained at one college or university in California can be applied if transferred to another.

ASSIST is the official repository of the articulation for California colleges and universities and therefore provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on student transfer to California. Use this tool to check if and how courses at California Community College are applied to your background requirements within the CSULB. Click on your school below to view the UCI 2018-19 articulation agreements. Please note that these documents are temporary guides. For the latest information, visit bridge programs are agreements between SMC and other colleges to identify the work of SMC students and smooth the road to a four-year agreement. CMS students who wish to change universities through a bridge program must continue to meet all the requirements to be admitted to the four-year university. Spartanburg Methodist College aims to create a strong academic base. For your continued success, we are proud to offer a large number of four-year liaison programs with institutions in the Southeast. Currently, we are looking at the following agreements: articulation is the process that connects two educational institutions to help students make a smooth transition from Community College to university or university, without waiting or doubling course work. Courses at Community College are considered equivalent to those of the university.

This allows students to meet a university requirement by completing an equivalent course (directed course) identified at Community College. This equivalence, or articulation, can be carried out by course, for important needs and/or for general education needs. In some cases, courses are articulated (are identified) only as courses of choice. This means that, although the units are transferred, the course does not meet any of the requirements listed above. . All community colleges that have a TAA with Saint Mary`s College are designated by TAA below. . SMC manages bridge programs with the following institutions: .

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