Va Interagency Agreement

(2) The procedures set out in this section should only be applied if the parties to a Veterans Care Agreement have not resolved a controversial problem by mutual agreement. (a) any tender, offer, proposed contract or agreement with an expected market value of US$1,500,000 or more, including options. (1) the execution, award and management of contracts, orders and other agreements (including inter-institutional agreements) relating to the use of funds for the construction and acquisition of personal property and services (including architect-engineer services). (b) All VA contract agents must request a review of the conclusion of a contract prior to the award of a contract, task or contract for supply or a lump sum sales contract or a contract modification valued at or greater than $5 million, or prior to the award of a lease contract worth $300,000 or more per year. Section 17.4135 of Section 17.4135 establishes that litigation procedures are the exclusive administrative remedies of a company or supplier for disputes arising from agreements, in accordance with Section 1703A (h) (2). We interpret Section 1703A (h) (2) (2) to protect disputes arising from agreements arising from other administrative remedies that VA may use to resolve and/or resolve disputes in other contexts, including the application of administrative requirements and procedures under Chapters 71 and 38 CFR 38 and .C. C 1703A (f). Paragraph (a) of page 17.4130 states that termination of an agreement by a company or supplier requires that a written invitation be to terminate the invitation to hire DIE VA, in accordance with the provisions of the VCA Start Printed Page 21673 and the additional conditions under section 17.4130, paragraph 1, and (a)). Paragraph (a) (1) stipulates that written notification must reach LA VA at least 45 calendar days prior to the expected date of the breach, and the recruitment date (a) (2) stipulates that the notification must be sent to the designated VA official to whom this notification must be sent in accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Care Agreement and in accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Care Agreement.

Paragraphs (a) (1) (2) implement Section 1703A (f) (1) (1), which requires the VA to impose termination deadlines and conditions on a company or supplier with respect to the termination of an agreement. The 45-day deadline before hiring after . 17.4130 (a) (1) is consistent with recruitment communication in current choice program provider contracts, and companies and providers are familiar and otherwise necessary to ensure continuity of care if the VA is to protect other health resources before reaching an agreement. (b) any proposed intergovernmental agreement on VA`s external facilities with another federal authority, under the control of economic law, which includes planned expenditures of $250,000 or more in VA appropriations. A TERRAIN contract agent or contract agent at the National Acquisition Centre or the Denver Acquisition and Logistics Centre may sign an inter-institutional agreement if the dollar threshold is within the contract agent`s warranty limit. Any substantial change in an employee`s obligations, responsibilities, wages or workstations must be counted as an amendment to the original agreement.

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