Yasser Arafat Peace Agreement

At first, you said to several people in Wye River, “This man, Netanyahu, is not going to implement the agreement.” Did you believe him? The Oslo Declaration of Principles was not a peace treaty; Rather, its objective was to establish interim governance agreements and a framework to facilitate further negotiations on a final agreement that is expected to be concluded by the end of 1999. An agreement on the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and Jericho territory. This agreement will include comprehensive arrangements for the Gaza Strip and Jericho territory after the Israeli withdrawal. The security and internal order of the Palestinian police, composed of police officers recruited locally and abroad (with Jordanian passports and Palestinian documents issued by Egypt). Those who participate in the Palestinian foreign police should be trained to become police officers and police officers. Oslo has sketched out a peace process with a two-phase timetable. During a five-year transitional period, Oslo has planned a series of progressive measures to build trust and partnership. The Palestinians control the territories they control, cooperate with Israel in the fight against terrorism and amend the parts of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Charter that call for the destruction of Israel. Israel would withdraw almost entirely from Gaza and, in stages, from parts of the West Bank. An elected Palestinian authority would take over the management of the territories from which Israel has withdrawn. It refers to the model of the Soviet Union that collapsed after about 80 years, after the death of the generation that experienced the revolution. In the absence of meaningful negotiations, Barak believes that Israel should start unilaterally preparing to withdraw from “some 75%” of the West Bank and, as he suggests, almost all of the Gaza Strip, to find acceptable borders, while a Palestinian state will emerge there. In the meantime, Israel should begin building a firm, impervious fence around the evacuated parts of the West Bank and new settlements and settlements within Israel and in areas of the West Bank, which Israel intends to permanently annex to accommodate settlers leaving the territories.

He says that if the Palestinians are ready for peace, the fate of the remaining 25% of the West Bank can be negotiated. And this is a very important point on which I would like to stress that the most important for the Palestinians and for the Israelis and for the whole territory of the Middle East is the return to protect the peace of the brave that I had signed with my partner Rabin and to live together, as we had decided, in our state and in their state. And Jerusalem becomes the capital of two states, because Rome is the capital of two states. The capital of His Holiness the Pope, and the capital of the Italian government; Brussels, the capital of the European Union and the capital of Belgium. Prime Minister Ehud Barak asked Clinton to convene the summit. Barak wanted to push for a lasting agreement – by skipping the interim redeployments demanded in wye`s agreement – and imagined a two-state solution that would end the conflict. “Clinton`s speech on reaching a final agreement With 13 days to go, Clinton presented this review of the peace process, with details of the new “parameters” he had developed to bridge the Camp David impasse — parameters that became the basis of the tu inner negotiations.

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